SwinG '23


The new SwinG has a balance similar to the previous one, only the pommel, crossguard and weight set are covered in the same material as the grip (PU). The idea was to make a product that's easily manufactured, but running into quite a number of challenges I decided not to continue after this batch. These are the final ones, and most are from earlier stages where some errors appeared, which I repaired later. These are only of an esthetic nature and should not have a negative effect on the performance of the product, but I will sell these at a discount. 


I have named the products in a way where the weight is visible in grams and the errors are mentioned; the bigger these are, the more discount (the normal price is 89,- but the great majority of these have been sold already). The SwinGs have been numbered for easy reference, in order of weight. 


Please note that the first 4 pictures are general ones, and the ones after are close ups of the errors; I try to be as transparant as I can be about these. 


In the US the SwinG is available through https://socalswords.com/ 




Stock & Shipping

The stock at the website is up to date, and I ship within a week.