Frequently asked questions.


Here is an overview of commonly asked questions. I hope it helps. If your question is not answered here, please contact us through the form or send an email to


Q. Do you make custom SwinGs?

     A. I'm afraid not; if I get a request for a new type in sufficient numbers I may expand the range though. A Montante version for example does trigger the imagination...


Q. Which payment method do you prefer?

     A. Bank transfer works best for me, as PayPal charges a substantial fee. 


Q. In what way is the new SwinG different from the old?

     A. Both the blade and grip are longer (40 vs 34/37 cm and 32 vs 29 cm), making it closer to the most used feders. The sensation of length is improved, and the grip has a better texture, also with gloves on. The crossguard is made out of steel instead of aluminium and 25/30 cm compared to 23 cm, and the closing piece is locked in place with a screw. Finally the Schilt is somewhat broader and shaped differently. The 1.61 and 1.92 kg versions use pommels similar to the old one, but the 1.79 kg version has a new shape. 


Q. Is it possible to order the classic SwinG?

     A. I have a couple of the old SwinG left, and will add these to the webshop soon. If you're interested, please send an email to


Q. Do you ship to the USA? To Canada? To ...?

     A. I ship to every country except for the US; there the SwinG is available through . The other countries are all in the menu, but not in alphabetical order. Please note that the order of the dropdown menu may be a bit odd, this is because of the classification that the website uses apparently. 


Q. Why do I see 2 different shipping rates? 

     A. Instead of what would seem logical, it is not the case that one is by pigeon and the other with standard shipping methods. Rather there is a general rate for worldwide per weight category, but for a fair number of countries I added other rates manually. So now if it shows two options, just pick the lower cost option


Q. Why is the new SwinG cheaper than the old?

     A. I made some changes and set up the manufacturing in a more streamlined manner. Also less types means more of the same parts, reducing the price per part (this is also why the 1.61 kg version will disappear after this small batch). But to be fair, I also want to make it available for a larger group of people, life has been challenging enough for everyone lately! 


Q. Is the steel stainless?

     A. No, it is not. The SwinG can be kept in good condition by drying it, and if rust would start to gather due to bad maintenance, steel wool such as scotch brite often can do a wonderful job. 


Q. Can I become a reseller?

     A. If you are interested in becoming a reseller, please send an email to 


Q. Whatever became of the SwinG basic that I heard about?

     A. To be honest, after investing quite some time and money, I wasn't able to solve the last production bits and I decided to go back to a method based on the old SwinG that had proven itself to work. The SwinG basic involved casting lead, and a long shape in polyurethane with small wall thickness, posing lots of problems. Another iteration and the time and money I had to invest simply were too much and too risky for me, so I decided to take my loss and forsake this venture for now. 


Q. How easy is it to place and remove the crossguard?

     A. Removing it takes a matter of seconds. Placing it might get some getting used to, and the first time might be a bit harder as the material has to set. But all in all it takes about 30 seconds, and it's not rocket science. 


Q. How long does it take the SwinG to get to me?

     A. The system I use for stock and shipping is explained at the Shop page, if you scroll down, and an estimation of the shipping date is in the menu when ordering (this may vary per type). At this moment I cannot give an estimate of how long it actually takes after it leaves the workshop, as I have not shipped products with these companies before. However, everything should be automated, including track n trace etc after the package has been shipped. 


Q. Do you have tips for exercises?

     A. I like to use the SwinG in different ways myself. Sometimes when trying to understand the mechanics of a move or combination I use it slowly, sometimes I like to workout with it, also using very wide footwork. I know some people use the traditional SwinG with Meyer's square, some people use it during a phone call, in the kitchen, you name it. Basically, I am curious to hear more, and would love to add a section to the website if people come up with ideas!


Q. Is it possible to order a set including the 1.79 kg version?

     A. I'm afraid not. This has to do with the fact that the hole in this pommel is slightly different and it is hammered on, so it cannot be removed in the same way that the 1.61 and 1.92 kg versions can be. Also I deem the difference in weight compared to the other two too small to make it worth it, whereas 300 grams indeed is a difference.