The SwinG


The new SwinG is here, and the balance is better than ever. The crossguard can be removed with the supplied Alen key in a matter of seconds, for easy transport and for exercises such as Indian clubs. The base, crossguard, pommel and weight set are made out of steel. The grip is made out of a hard synthetic rubber (PU) with an optimised texture. 


* if you are interested in a the light version, but it says "out of stock" while the set is available, please let me know (in that case I can change it behind the scenes, as the stock is not linked; the same applies for crossguard length). 


Make it into a set

(extra pommel and weight set 1.92 kg, + €50,-)



Mass: 1.79 kg

P.O.B: 53 mm from the crossguard

Blade length: 40 cm (sensation about 1 meter)

Blade thickness: 6 mm

Grip length: 32 cm (incl 7 cm pommel)

Pommel diameter: 20 mm at grip, max 45 mm

Crossguard thickness 8 mm, length: 25 / 32 cm (choose)

Weight set thickness: 6 mm per side

Grip material: polyurethane, comfortable texture